RTNDA Says VNRs Must Be Identified


The Radio-Television News Directors Association has reiterated its position that video news releases (VNRs) should only be used if the material is clearly identified as from an outside source.

While it is not against their use, RTNDA does not endorse them either.

The issue was raised by a GAO investigation of VNR's on health care that were sent to TV stations by Health & Human Services, particularly whether they had disclosed their source. There are rules agains funding political propaganda with government money.

The investigation is part of a larger look into flyers, TV spots and other health care materials. the TV spots were earlier found not to have violated the law.
The use of actors playing reporters in the HHS VNRs raised red flags on Capitol Hill. GAO is now looking into whether it was legal to fund those releases with government money and whether they violated rules against propaganda or deceptive material on the government dime