RTNDA lobbies for cameras in N.H. courts


The Radio-Television News Directors Association -- together with the New
Hampshire Association of Broadcasters, The Boston Globe and WMUR-TV -- is
pushing for greater access for cameras in the New Hampshire state courts.

The news organizations wanted more access to cover the case of state vs.
Tulloch, a high-profile case in which two Vermont teen-agers were accused of
murdering two Dartmouth professors.

Tulloch eventually pleaded guilty, but the news organizations still want the
New Hampshire Supreme Court to relax restrictions on electronic coverage imposed
on television and still cameras in the Grafton County Superior Court since 1995.

The RTNDA wants New Hampshire's Supreme Court to "limit the exercise of such
unlimited discretion by the judge and to recognize the presumptive right of the
press to report on courtroom proceedings through still photography and
audio/video, absent a specific and compelling interest that outweighs the
public's right to know."