Romney Tops In Local TV Ads


If there is an early local TV favorite in the presidential race it would have to be Republican Mitt Romney.

It has nothing to do with his politics, however. Romney has bought more local TV time than all the other presidential candidates combined, according to just-released numbers from Nielsen.

Romney has run 4,252 local broadcast TV ads (or 53% of the total) to second-place Democrat Bill Richardson's 2,232. The other candidates who have bought local broadcast TV time to date are Chris Dodd (1,664), John Edwards (68), and Duncan Hunter (34). Hunter, Richardson and Dodd are likely trying to build some name recognition. 

Romney has also bought 297 local cable spots, which is essentially all the local cable bought to date, with Chris Dodd the only other candidate to have bought cable spots, and only four of those.

Rudi Giuliani, who doesn't have any name recognition issues,  has bought the most radio spots at 642 to Romney's 378. They are the only two candidates to have bought radio time so far, according to Nielsen's Monitor Plus service.

On the Web side, Barack Obama's Web site has generated the most hits, with 647,000 uniqure visitors and 3,797 page views in April, compared to 498,000 and 1,616,000, respectively for Hillary Clinton in second place.

Democrats claimed the first three Web spots, with John Edwards third at 385,000 uniques and 1,744,000 page views.

Republican John McCain was at number four with 142,000 uniquest and 454,000 page views. But McCain is number one in online paid advertising, generating over 40 million uniques with image and sponsored-link paid ads in April and May, followed by Romney with 5.8 million, and Clinton with a little over 2 million impressions.