On the Road With America Channel


America Channel, the planned independent programming net hunting for cable carriage--it has lined up major telcos--says it has acquired the rights to several more series from the library of production partner CBS News Productions.

The shows include the late Charles Kurault's On the Road series, as well as Travels with Harry, The Best of Us, and Things People Do. America also says the deal  also "contemplates" extending those series through "new development and production."

The channel aims to tell the stories of regular folks, something of an alternative to Right and Left Coast entertainment fare. Or, as the channel describes itself, it will "explore and celebrate America, its communities, real heroes, and ordinary people who accomplish the extraoradinary."

What America Channel is trying to accomplish is to get some major cable carriage. Channel founder Doron Gorshein has been on the road himself, not only to try to get carriage but to tell Washington policymakers that as an independent trying to get carriage on major MSO's with their own affiliated channels, he is at a distinct, and he argues unfair, disadvantage.

The Cable industry has countered that channels with a solid business plan and compelling programming will get carriage, while those without will not.