RIAA's Rosen beats digital drum


New Orleans - Hilary Rosen, president of the Recording Industry Association of America, called on radio broadcasters to work with the recording industry to create new businesses in the digital age, during her keynote
speech at the NAB Radio Show in New Orleans on

"Let's get it done. Let's get online music
out of the courtrooms and into the living rooms. Let's
pair our content and your distribution," Rosen told
the crowd of radio executives. Radio broadcasters and
the record industry are in a fight over whether radio
stations should have to pay royalty fees to record

Broadcasters say they shouldn't because
they already pay one set of royalty fees to music
publishers to play copyrighted music on their radio
stations. Record companies get paid back because of
the free publicity they get from radio stations, the
broadcasters say. The two sides are battling over the
issue in the courts and at the Copyright Office, which
is currently holding an arbitration panel to
determine what webcasters' royalty fees should be.

Rosen wasn't clear on what compromise she thinks
record companies and broadcasters should come to,
particularly since the record industry doesn't intend
to back off its stance that broadcasters should pay
the second set of fees. So far, the government backs
the recording industry, with both the courts and the
Copyright Office ruling in its favor. "We've got to
get past the litigation," Rosen said. "You want new
businesses and so do we. This opportunity is too grand
to leave it to the lawyers." - Paige Albiniak