Rhea can dethrone Brady

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Wayne Brady debuts in Rosie O'Donnell's time periods on the ABC owned TV
stations Sept. 2. But come January, the stations will have to decide if he's
earned them.

The station group has a 50 percent stake in Warner Bros.' Caroline Rhea
, also debuting this fall, which the ABC group will slot in late night.
Essentially, Rhea is a back-up show if Brady doesn't deliver.

But there's a catch -- a source close to the show says if the ABC stations
don't upgrade Rhea out of late night by January, Warner Bros. recaptures 100
percent ownership.

Makes sense, observers say. After all, Warner Bros. gave the ABC stations the
stake as an incentive to give Rhea maximum exposure.

"There's little advantage to Warner Bros. having the show in late night in
the big markets," says one executive.