Revision3’s 'HD Nation' Talks HD Content, Home Theater Gear

New weekly show will offer news, movie reviews, and tutorials on the hi-def world

Internet television company Revision3 is introducing HD Nation, a new weekly show that explores the best in HD content and technology as well as offering news, movie reviews, and tutorials on the hi-def world.  

The show is hosted by “tech gurus” Patrick Norton and Robert Heron. Norton is the host of Revision3’s tech program Tekzilla, while Heron, considered one of the country’s HD technology experts, has worked for PC Magazine and DL.TV.

“HD technology continues to evolve, and we have plenty of tricks and ideas to help along the way,” said Norton, who added that the show will tackle consumer tech issues such as maximizing sound quality and putting together a home theater system that isn’t cost prohibitive.

The episodes arrive every Tuesday at