Restaurant serves up products galore


NBC’s The Restaurant -- one of the highest-profile reality launches in a
summer filled with reality -- will have three top advertisers as sponsors/product
placers: American Express Co., Coors Brewing Co. and Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc.

The show is executive produced by MAGNA Global Entertainment, a division of
mega-media buyer MAGNA Global, along with Ben Silverman’s Reveille and Mark
Burnett Productions.

Show star chef Rocco DiSpirito uses a network created by American Express’
small-business-network division to help manage the restaurant he created for the
hour show.

The restaurant will serve Coors products, and Coors will also do joint
promotions with the show.

Finally, DiSpirito drives around Manhattan and the Hamptons in Mitsubishi
SUVs, and Mitsubishi Endeavors and Monteros were also used to ferry celebrities
to the restaurant in midtown Manhattan.

The Restaurant premieres July 20.