Reps. Seek Orphan County Solution From STELAR Reauthorization

Said FCC market mod process his tough on smaller communities
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Reps. Deb Fischer and Adrian Smith, both Nebraska Republicans, have introduced an amendment to STELAR reauthorization bills in the House and Senate that would allow satellite carriers to import in-state local TV stations to viewers in 16 Nebraska so-called orphan counties now getting stations from Denver and Sioux Falls, S.D.

The FCC has a market modification process for dealing with orphan counties, but they argue the process is "resource intensive" for "smaller, rural county commissions" to undertake.

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The Western Expanded In-State Television (WEST) Access Act would create an exemption from copyright law to allow satellite access to all the counties.

The STELAR law, which provides for a compulsory satellite license, expires at the end of the year.