Report: Home Media Networks a Threat


As if broadcasters didn’t have enough to worry about from cable, satellite and digital video recorders. Now a new study from consultant Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. said traditional ad-supported media need to watch out for HMNs, or Home Media Networks.

Those networks, fueled by the growth of broadband delivery and home computers, allow consumers to manipulate digital content with a variety of networked devices, including computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, TVs and stereos. With the addition of media hub hardware, says the report, homes have a "killer connection" that will further fragment the audience.

"The ability to aggregate an audience—e.g., watching a TV show during prime time—will be severely weakened," warns the report. "It is imperative for music and movie producers, broadcast and cable TV companies and consumer electronics manufacturers to recognize and capitalize on this transformation before HMNs upset their existing models."