Rentrak Measures Mobile TV for Hiwire


Media measurement firm Rentrak Corporation is teaming with Aloha Partners subsidiary Hiwire to measure mobile TV viewing in Hiwire’s market trial in Las Vegas.

Rentrak, which measures video-on-demand usage for major cable operators, will provide Hiwire, which plans to use the 700 MHz spectrum to deliver a DVB-H mobile TV service, with a mobile usage monitoring platform, Mobile TV Essentials, which it developed in conjunction with Hiwire and its partners SES Americom and RRD USA. The goal of the measurement trial, says Rentrak, is to “establish a mobile TV reporting standard that could satisfy mobile reporting needs industry-wide.”

During the trial, Rentrak will ingest anonymous mobile TV viewing data from Hiwire to provide a web-based statistical reporting service and serve as Hiwire's primary data analytics and third-party verification provider, delivering audience viewing metrics (e.g. total viewers) of both linear video programming and linear video advertising watched on mobile phones. The joint trial will begin this summer.

"Rentrak provides a unique reporting capability that will enhance our ability to track and analyze programming and advertising usage," said Scott Wills, president and chief operating officer at Hiwire, in a statement. "Incorporating the Mobile TV Reporting will also allow us to provide our programming partners with their own customized tracking dashboard to monitor their individual network's ongoing viewership results on a near real-time basis."


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