Ren & Stimpy Ride Again


Friends of asthmatic chihuahuas and goofball cats unite! John Kricfalusi's cult characters will get a reprise on Nicktoons.

Nicktoons, the all-animation cable network offshoot of Nickelodeon, will reprise Ren & Stimpy, about a short-tempered chihuahua and his feline pal, starting next month at 11:30 p.m. weekdays and in a one-hour block on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon EST.

The series will actually debut with a prime time airing Saturday, July 30, at 9:30.

The episodes will be the first three seasons produced by Kricfalusi, who left, or was pushed, after that over creative differences, according to several online histories of the edgy Canadian animator.
Keith Dawkins, VP and General Manager, Nicktoons, had no comment on the curious timing of co-owned TV Land's Ren & Stimpy marathon last month given that it was about to debut on Nicktoons, saying MTV Networks was an eclectic group with different brands and different agendas.
But that TV Land agenda could well be to help promote a DVD release of the show last month.
New Ren & Stimpy episodes also had a run on another Viacom network, Spike TV (then TNN), back in 2002-2003, when that network was transitioning to a hipper, young-adult targeted net.
Dawkins says reviving Ren & Stimpy is about introducing a new generation to the show that helped launch the network and establish it as the home of edgy, character-driven original animation.