Religious Broadcasters: A La Carte Is a 'Dagger'


Cable A La Carte is a "dagger aimed at the heart of religious broadcasting in America."

That is according to the Faith and Family Broadcasting Coalition, which represents religious broadcasters including Dr. Paul Crouch of Trinity, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

The group was reacting to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's suggestion to Congress Tuesday that it would be a good thing if they mandated a la carte cable service as a way to rein in cable prices and give parents more control over violent and indecent content.

While most religious broadcasters share Martin's concern over content issues, many of them part company when it comes to per-channel cable pricing. "While we strongly support the Chairman's efforts to limit the distribution of indecent content, pay-per-channel regulation is a bad idea, says Coalition director Colby May.

"If adopted, it would decimate religious broadcasting and the wholesome, family-oriented programming carried on niche cable channels," said May.