Rehr Lands At Crosby-Volmer For Now

Former president of NAB resigned in May

Former National Association of Broadcasters President David Rehr has landed at the D.C. office of PR firm Crosby-Volmer while he plans his next move.

According to an NAB CEO letter sent out Friday, Rehr listed his new contact address as 1025 Connecticut Ave, Suite 401.

That is the address of Crosby-Volmer, a PR firm with offices in Oklahoma City, Memphis and San Francisco. A receptionist confirmed Rehr was there and an industry source on background confirmed that Friday would be Rehr's last official day at the association.

"After David told me of his resignation," said company President Robert Volmer in a statement. "I offered him an office to use as he is transitioning to his next endeavor. He is well regarded in Washington and well respected on Capitol Hill. Crosby-Volmer is pleased that he could spend time with us."

If that name is familiar, it is because Rehr and NAB tapped the company to handle DTV outreach, including setting up a speakers bureau and congressional outreach.

Rehr announced in May that he was resigning and would be leaving after a brief transition period.

Rehr was hired as a connected Republican and a good fund-raiser, but conceded he made some missteps in connecting with Capitol Hill, a criticism that was echoed by some lobbyists and board members.

NAB has not set a timetable for finding a replacement. In the interim, Janet McGregor, NAB chief operating and financial officer, has taken over day-to-day running of the organization until they can find a replacement.

An NAB spokesman declined comment.