Redlasso Forms Media Advisory Board

Former Viacom CFO Michael Dolan, Former Paramount Station Group President Anthony Cassara to Become Founding Members
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Redlasso -- the Internet startup that collects footage from television networks and makes them available for users to search, clip and embed on their sites -- established a media advisory board.

The board is meant to help ease relations between Redlasso and media companies.

Former Viacom chief financial officer Michael Dolan and former Paramount Station Group president Anthony Cassara will become the founding members of Redlasso’s media advisory board and will provide strategic counsel to the company.

Last month, the company announced that former CBS CEO Michael Jordan would join the company as a senior advisor, also acting as a liaison between the media companies and Redlasso.

Fox, NBC and CBS served the company with a cease-and-desist letter last month, asking it to stop making footage from their networks available. In response, Redlasso said it would continue to offer the networks’ clips while trying to work out a deal with the content owners.