Red Bull, GoPro Partnership Centers Around Content

Red Bull gets an equity stake in GoPro, while GoPro becomes the exclusive camera and content partner for Red Bull
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Red Bull and GoPro announced a new partnership May 24, one that will see Red Bull use GoPro’s cameras for all of its media productions and events. In turn, Red Bull will take on an equity stake in GoPro.

“Red Bull’s global scale and execution is something to be admired. This partnership is very strategic for GoPro,” said Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro. “We share the same vision: to inspire the world to live a bigger life. While we’ve worked closely for many years, as official partners we'll be able to more effectively help one another execute our shared vision and scale our respective businesses. GoPro and Red Bull, as a match, are as good as it gets.”

The deal has the two companies collaborating on content production, promotions and distribution, with both sharing rights on co-productions, and distributing content over their respective digital distribution networks, including Red Bull TV, Red and The GoPro Channel. GoPro will see its products and branding used at more than 1,800 Red Bull events in more than 100 countries.

“First person perspectives, breathtaking images and cutting edge cinematography are the hallmarks of every story told within Red Bull's portfolio of productions and live broadcasts,” said Dietrich Mateschitz, founder and CEO of Red Bull. “As partners, Red Bull and GoPro will amplify our collective international reach, the power of our content and ability to fascinate.”