RealNetworks offers content


Consumers who purchase the RealNetwork RealPlayer 8 (which is available now) will also have the opportunity to sign up for a "Gold Pass" content subscription for $9.95 per month. Subscribers to the "GoldPass" service will get access to a variety of software and services, as well as exclusive programming and content. It will be updated and enhanced monthly. Exclusive premium content at this time includes documentary footage produced by; on-demand concerts from House of Blues (; UFO and Paranormal Video footage from UFO TV (MediaWebcast); and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit video. The service will also offer "drill down" content, such as in-depth text and graphics for the stories accessed from

Other planned services for the future include exclusive celebrity interviews, hot online games, sneak peeks at top new movies, concerts, and music videos, cartoons, reality programming and other special events.

RealNetwork executives are equating the offering with the early days of cable, as pay-per-view content helped that market.