Reality Low on High-Def List


Apparently, wide-screen, crystal-clear images of maggot-eating contests and  makeovers aren't high on TV watcher's wish lists in the digital age.

According to Newtonville, Mass.-based Lyra Research's online poll of 500 HDTV owners, reality TV came in last among a list of programs rated in importance of their delivery in the HD format (second to last if you count commercials).

Steve Hoffenberg, principal analyst for the DTV viewing report, suggested that was a double-edged sword for reality: "The good news is that, for the time being, reality programmers can continue to save production costs by delaying the switch to high definition," he said in announcing the report. "The bad news is that the early adopters of HDTV, who tend to be from high-income households and among the most desirable advertising targets, are less concerned about reality TV."

Although sports is often touted as the top HD draw, the study found that for both men and women, movies are the big-ticket programming draw for high-definition television.

Not surprisingly, the sexes divide, though only slightly, over sports, with men making that their second choice, and women favoring TV series, with sports a close third.

The order of finish from most important to see in HDTV to least was Movies, then sports (men) or TV dramas (women), followed by TV comedies, news, reality, and commercials.