Reality Check


Editor: I probably risk being accused of philistine thinking by the multitude of PDA users, but my Daytimer has, for 25 years, maintained most of the information I need to get along in the world. (P.J. Bednarski's column, "Forswearing Geekiness," Oct. 30).

It's not that I disdain technological advancement. Scratched vinyl and tape hiss, for example, are two things I'm pleased to have left behind in the transition to compact discs. The 3-inch LED's of my bedside alarm are a vast improvement over semi-luminescent hands of a traditional clock. Certainly, I appreciate the many benefits of this computer (like being able to send you this note via e-mail in lieu of my illegible scrawl). I'm as grateful as anyone for the continual improvement in broadcast technology.

At the end of the day, however, the penalty for failing to maintain a sense of reality with respect to life's essentials will be finding ourselves slaved to technology that exists more for its own sake than anything else. I love the Internet and use it most every day, but I could easily live without it if I had to.
-Bill Powers, Lawrenceville, Ga.