Real Women Watch TV


Lifetime Television’s spinoff channel, Lifetime Real Women, is getting a schedule makeover with new weekday programming blocks.

In the mornings, there are “Real Life,” shows about women’s health, and “Real Home” programs related to home how-tos. The afternoon blocks are “Real Relationships,” anchored by Lifetime’s biography show Intimate Portraits, and “Real Fun,” a sitcom group comprising Ellen, Suddenly Susan, and Caroline in the City.
In fringe, Lifetime Real Women gets dramatic, with off-nets like Once and Again and Party of Five. In prime time and late night, the net will serve up a second “Real Life” block, with reality shows such as Final Justice, hosted by the real Erin Brockovich, and safety show What Should You Do?, anchored by Leeza Gibbons. Lifetime Real Women counts 42 million subscribers.