Ready to Learn: Is RFP Finally Ready?


PBS president Pat Mitchell said last week that she expects the Department of Education to release its new request for proposals Monday for the next round of Ready to Learn funding.

PBS' current funding of Buster (the majority of the budget) through the DOE kids educational programming grant runs out in August.

The RFP was expected in late January, then about every two weeks since then, but it has been delayed, likely while DOE makes sure it clearly spells out the government's input in the final product.

DOE will likely ask for more input on the process in the wake of the Postcards from Buster flap, when New DOE Secretary Margaret Spellings wrote PBS to complain that an episide of the show featuring lesbian parents was not what the department had in mind.

PBS chose not to distribute the episode, saying it shared some of DOE's concerns. Producing station WGBH and numerous others stations aired it anyway.