RCN and SnagFilms Form MSO/Web Partnership

RCN gets access to Snag's film archive, Snag gets widget and movie of the week on RCN

In a reversal of the usual work flow, web content will move to cable per a new deal between RCN and SnagFilms.

RCN, billing it as the first-of-its-kind MSO/Web content partnership, will get access to a portion of SnagFilms online library of just south of 600 documentaries. SnagFilms will get an imbedded widget on the RCN web site and a SnagFilm-branded movie of the week on RCN Channel 8 and video on demand.

It also gives a wider audience to the documentaries, which was one of SnagFilm's goals in launching the site.

"Our partnership with RCN further widens the availability and opportunities for the tens of thousands of high-quality socially relevant documentaries submitted to film festivals every year, with only a handful getting theatrical distribution," said SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen in announcing the deal. "We created SnagFilms so that anyone who has a website, publishes a blog, or participates in a social network can open their own online multiplex theater, and anyone with a computer can view any film in our huge library at any time. Now, thanks to RCN, they can view a selection of some of our strongest films as part of their cable lineup."

The initial slate of films will be announced later this spring.

SnagFilms was founded by former AOL executive Ted Leonsis and AOL co-founder Steve Case.