RCFP: Freedom of Information Still in Danger


The government’s war on terrorism remains a severe threat to freedom-of-information laws and journalists’ access to terrorism and immigration
proceedings. That’s according to the latest report from the Reporters Committee
for Freedom of the Press (RCFP).

The report assigns threat levels, similar to the government’s terrorism
warnings, to various information-access issues. "Severe" is the highest level,
with the balance of the issues rated from "high-risk" to "guarded." None of the
eight categories was considered "low-risk."

Overall, there was no change from the threat level in March, when the
committee last released a report.

"When the government, perhaps with the best of intentions, goes too far in
its efforts to shield information from the public, it is up to the public and
the media to push back," RCFP executive director Lucy Dalglish said.