Rainbow/PUSH: Reverse Sinclair approval


The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition has told the Federal Communications Commission that it
believes Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. attempted to "corruptly influence" Maryland's
recent gubernatorial election by providing free helicopter service to Republican
candidate, now Gov.-elect, Robert Ehrlich. As a result, it said, the FCC should
reverse its approval of recent Sinclair TV=station purchases.

The Rainbow/PUSH brief, reported Wednesday by the Baltimore Sun --
which broke the story of a major Sinclair shareholder's helicopter use -- called
the alleged undue influence on the campaign and the candidate "evidence of
disqualifying conduct" regarding holding broadcast licenses.

The group also said Sinclair was behind a letter-writing campaign by three
congressmen, including Ehrlich, to sway the FCC regarding the purchases. The commission
rebuked the congressmen for writing the agency without notifying other parties
in the case.

Sinclair officials could not be reached for comment.