QVC, Starz Drive Liberty Gains

AOIBDA rises 10% at home shopper

Gains at its QVC home shopping channel and Starz Entertainment premium
network helped drive gains at Liberty Media in the second quarter.

Media consists of three tracking stocks: Liberty Interactive, which
includes QVC and several e-commerce companies; Liberty Starz, which
includes its premium cable service Starz Entertainment; and Liberty
Capital, which includes Starz Media and minority investments in several
media companies, such as Time Warner Inc. and Viacom.

At Liberty
Interactive, consolidated revenue was up 6% to $2.1 billion and adjusted
operating income before depreciation and amortization rose 4% to $428
million, largely due to increases at QVC.

QVC increased domestic
revenue by 4% to $1.2 billion and domestic AOIBDA rose 10% to $303
million, fueled by strong gains in several product categories, including
kitchen, cooking and accessories. QVC's e-commerce business - -
also increased sales by 21% in the quarter.

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