Quick Productions and the Value of Repetition


Get auto-matic: With the ultra-important automotive advertising category still ailing, cable advertising organizations have to work harder and in more creative ways to get dollars from dealers. One tip: Be pro-active with production. Philip Aime, southeast division automotive sales manager for Charter Media, has established a dedicated automotive commercial production unit that’s at the ready to turn commercials from concept to finished product within 48 hours of script approval. “If you own the production, you’re going to own the account most of the time,” Aime said at the 2006 Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau Cable Sales Management Conference.

Keep calling: John Hurley of Comcast Spotlight’s Albuquerque, N.M., market knows the value of persistence. He makes a point of calling at least three Spotlight clients each week to ask about their impressions of the company and their satisfaction with advertising campaigns. Hurley thinks the key to the informal customer-satisfaction effort is repetition. Clients who are sometimes are reticent to share much information tend to be more expansive after the first phone call. “Usually the second time I call they’ll open up to me,” Hurley said.