Public Knowledge Calls For Openness on Net Video Suppliers

Sohn says "over-the-top" services threatened by bandwidth caps

Public Knowledge (PK) is looking to coin a new buzzphrase, "over-the-top video" in making its case for applying openness obligations on net video suppliers.

According to an advance look at PK President Gigi Sohn's testimony in an FCC broadband workshop Thursday on Internet TV, she argues that "over-the-top" video services, like the broadcast networks' Hulu video site, need protection from being "unfairly disadvantaged" in favor of cable online efforts like TV Everywhere and ESPN360.

She said another threat to the "over-the-top" category, which she called video that goes "directly to the consumer rather than programming provided by a cable or similar company," are bandwidth caps.

She also called for unbundling video and broadband service and asked the FCC to impose the same kind of safeguards on anticompetitive activity in the online space as it does on other video providers.