PTC Won't Complain About MNF


The Parents Television Council doesn't plan to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission over ABC's racy Monday Night Football intro.

Although the FCC has reportedly received thousands of complaints, PTC, which beefed about Janet Jackson to the tune of some 240,000 member complaints, wasn't one of them.

The group called the intro “grossly irresponsible,” but it doesn’t think it was indecent, according to a spokeswoman.

That doesn't prevent individual PTC members from complaining, however.

PTC is still trying to decide whether or not to file a complaint over an F-word that slipped into a post-game interview in NBC's college football coverage.

PTC complained lsat month about an S-word in Nascar coverage, a slip that prompted NBC to put a five-second delay on that coverage. NBC has not yet said whether or not it will add a delay to football as well.