PTC Praises NBC Edit


The Parents Television Council is praising NBC for its decision to re-craft a portion of its upcoming Madonna concert broadcast Nov. 22 to cut out a scene of Madonna on a cross wearing a crown of thorns.

NBC had taped the concert back in August at a London stop on the singer's "Confessions" tour to air during the November sweeps. PTC in September had asked NBC to explain its "decision to air the bigoted, anti-Christian Madonna concert."

NBC had said Sept. 20 that it was awaiting delivery of the special and would make a final decision, "once we see it in its entirety."

The networks determination was to revise the song Live to Tell. NBC would not discuss its editorial cuts, but it will cut out the shots where she is singing the song while hanging on a cross by using other camera angles from the August footage.

"“PTC members and others who were concerned about this Madonna special should be celebrating this great victory,” said PTC President Brent Bozell Monday.