PTC Fights To Preserve Profanity Amendment


The Parents Television Council Thursday was hoping to keep the momentum going for a TV content-related amendments from Senator, presidential candidate and PTC adviser Sam Brownback (R-Kan.).

Brownback planned to introduce an amendment to an appropriations bill Thursday buttressing its profanity enforcement powers, but Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) wrote a letter to Brownback (reported by Multichannel News' Ted Hearn), asking Brownback not to use the budgeting process.  Inouye said he was working on a similar, bipartisan bill dealing with violence and profanity.

Inouye is on the record backing a planned bill by Sen. Jay Rockefeller that would give the FCC the power to regulate violence.

 "The Senate – and the public – are not in a position to wait around for the other committees to act," said PTC President Tim Winter in a statement Thursday afternoon. 

 “With no legislation currently before the Commerce Committee and the August recess looming," said Winter. "There is no hope - zero - that the Senate can act before the September oral arguments in the Janet Jackson case, or before the FCC’s deadline to respond to the 2nd Circuit opinion." 

The FCC has to decide within the next few weeks whether to appeal the court decision on fleeting expletives to the full appeals court. It has a little longer to decide whether to appeal it to the Supreme Court.

The profanity decision, from a three-judge panel--came down June 4. The FCC has 45 days to appeal it to the full court and 90 days to decide on taking it to the High Court.