PTC Claims Some Victories Through Ad Outreach

PTC says advertisers expressed concerns about a number of show, including Fox's Bones and Family Guy and CBS' Two and a Half Men

The Parents Television Council is crediting its advertiser outreach for the decision by some companies to cut their ads out of several TV shows, particularly FX's Nip/Tuck.
According to PTC's list of companies in 2007 who either pulled ads or said they were reviewing their policies, BMW pulled its ads from the show back in October. PTC cited a letter from the company saying its ad was a mistake. "We did not intend, nor do we plan in the future, to advertise on this program," the company said, according to PTC.

PTC even said that the Carrier company has reached out to it to help find out how one of its spots wound up in the show, since it does not buy time on the network. PTC also said Verizon has told it that the telco pulled out of the show at the end of November.

Shows, or episdoes of shows, that advertisers also said they were reviewing for content concerns or had inadvertently advertised in included Fox's Bones, American Dad and Family Guy;CBS' Two and a Half Men and NCIS; NBC's Law & Order: SVU; FX's Rescue Me; Sopranos (the syndicated version runs with ads on A&E); and E!'s Girls Next Door
PTC has been one of the most active groups pushing the FCC to crack down on content, but the commission's hands are effectively tied by court challenges to its fleeting profanity and indency enforcment policies.