PTC Alleges Complaint Undercount


Parents Television Council president Brent Bozell has written the Federal Communications Commission suggesting that it severely underreported the number of complaints in its notice of Fox's apparent liability for a $1.2 million fine for indecency.

In a letter to Enforcement Bureau Chief David Solomon, Bozell writes: "While reading the FCC’s decision on the Fox Broadcast Married by America, I notice the NAL states that only 159 complaints were filed. The Parents Television Council’s membership alone filed 4,073. 

The complaints were about a reality show, Married By America, which featured a Las Vegas bachelor party with the naughty bits pixilated out.

Would you please explain the discrepancy in the two numbers for me?" Having helped prompt a fine PTC was openly celebrating, what difference does it make how many complaints generated that fine? PTC spokesman Laura Mahaney said it is deceptive to say there are only 159 complaints. "They need to count each complaint as a complaint even if 4,000 of them come from PTC members."

"We filed over 25,000 complaints on the F-word on CBS' Big Brother," she points out. "It will be interesting to see how many they count."

An FCC source stood by the commission’s count. “Our records show that we recieved 159 complaints,” the source said.