PTA, Others Oppose Nets on Kids Stay


The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, PTA, Children Now and others are calling on the FCC to deny the parents of the Big Three networks' motion to delay implementation of the FCC's Kids Digital TV Rules, some of which also apply to analog.

The Children's Media Policy Coalition said Tuesday: "The industry's attempt to delay these rules demonstrates their choice to prioritize their financial interest above their responsibility to serve children. We think the FCC had plenty of time to implement these rules.

The rules—which include counting show promos as ads and preventing shows from including Web links to products pitched by their characters—were released in fall 2004 and are to take effect Jan. 1, 2006. The networks filed a motion Monday with the FCC to delay implementation until after the FCC had considered their outstanding petitions so review the rules (see above).

Why not let the FCC rule on those petitions before making the companies abide by them. "I think the industry is not asking for a motion to delay, I think they are trying to overturn these rules," says Patti Miller of Children Now.

She added: "We have heard that the industry is going after the entire Children's Television Act [in court]. That is very troubling and I hope that is not the case."