Providence Boasts Most Reality Fans

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According to a new study, a guy in Providence, R.I., holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a new cell phone in the other while driving his SUV on the way to a Chinese restaurant is more likely to have a "Best of Survivor" DVD playing in his in-dash TV.

We're not sure what it means, but Scarborough Research reports that viewers in Providence, R.I., watch more more reality television than any of the other 75 markets it measures.

One thing it means, says Scarborough, is that advertisers can get a better handle on what products to place where. “Understanding the purchasing patterns and lifestyles of the reality television genre is essential to a successful marketing program including ad and product placement,” according to Cheryl Greenblatt, senior vice president, broadcast television, Scarborough Research.

According to the study, 30% of Providence viewers tune to the horse-rectum eating, porcelain-veneer installing, torch-snuffing, assistant-firing, next-star discovering fare.

That is compared with the 23% average for the general viewing public.
Tied for second are Cincinnati and Flint, Mich.,at 29% apiece. Residents of West Palm Beach/Fort Pierce, Fla., were the least likely to watch reality at an average 16% of viewers.

According to Scarborough, reality viewers in general are 33% more likely to switch their cell phone service in the next year, 26% more likely to buy an SUV, 23% more likely to have eaten in a Chinese/Asian restaurant in the past six months.

Not surprisingly, reality viewers tend to be younger (40% more likely to be 18-34) than the general viewer). That would explain why only one Florida City makes the top half of the list--Jacksonville--and two are in the bottom three--Fort Myers/Naples and West Palm Beach/fort Pierce.