Prosecutor: Suspect in KATV Anchor Murder Confessed Three Times

Defendant Curtis Vance says the cops scared it out of him

A deputy prosecutor said the man accused of killing KATV Little Rock anchor Anne Pressly confessed three times to detectives, reports the AP.

Deputy Prosecutor John Johnson made the claim yesterday after defendant Curtis Lavelle Vance demanded access to the DNA evidence that allegedly connects him to Pressly.

Vance has pleaded not guilty. His case is scheduled for Sept. 9.

Vance told the judge the confessions came after police officers put a gun in his face.

"I was under extreme pressure," he said.

The AP says a gag order bars defense lawyers, police, prosecutors and others from talking to the media.

Vance, 28, faces a capital murder charge. If convicted, he would face either a death sentence or life in prison.

Yesterday’s hearing was to discuss a mental examination for Vance.