Promoters Have Got Game


TV promotion and design executives are bringing video and computer games into their expanding media tent.

Promax& BDA, the association for those executives, has lined up three big-time players for its conference in New York June 21-23.

Slated for the opening session are Electronic Arts co-founder William H. (Bing) Gordon, Microsoft's gaming platform chief creative officer J. Allard, and G4 founder/CEO Charles Hirschhorn.

They will join an eclectic group that includes NBC Universal Television Group President Jeff Zucker, attorney/activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; and TV personality/presidential offspring Ron Reagan Jr., a group Promax/BDA CEO Jim Chabin argues is "changing the face of TV branding."

From mobile video to sports and entertainment rights, gaming has become an increasingly important player in the TV space. Just last week, ESPN executives cited as one of the potential upsides of its new big bucks Monday Night Football contract syndergies with its video game properties.