PROMAX agrees: TCM knows how to promote


Turner Classic Movies beat out the big guys -- NBC and Fox -- to win 25
PROMAX awards at the PROMAX&BDA gala awards ceremony in Los Angeles Thursday

TCM won in such categories as cable- and broadcast-network branding and image
campaign, special-event-program promotion and funniest promo.

NBC's The Agency, headed by John Miller and Vince Manzi, took home 22 Promax
awards, among them awards for broadcast-network reality-program promotion,
sports-program promotion and special-event-program promotion.

Fox Sports walked off with eight PROMAX awards for broadcast-network
directing and funniest promo for cable channels and networks, and the British Broadcasting Corp. will bring
six PROMAX awards back with it to the United Kingdom for broadcast-network promotional
animation campaign, editing and reality-program promotion.

Big individual winners were Micki Byrnes, director of marketing and promotion
at Gannett Co. Inc.'s WKYC-TV Cleveland, who won the "Promax Pinnacle Award"; and Rick
Sirvaitis, president and chief operating officer of GM Mediaworks, who received the "Promax
Chairman's Award."

Eric Martel of Queben's WRAK.TV was given Promax's Aerodrome Rocket Award,
which recognizes rookie producers, marketers or designers for creating
outstanding work.

Martel won for his launch campaigns for WRAK.TV and science-fiction cable station Z,
and for his development of a new image for cable channel Canal D.

The "2003 Quantel Artist of the Year Award" for North America went to Michel
Mercier and Alain Provost of Canadian Broadcasting Corp. for their work
promoting CBS' coverage of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Provost was the North American Regional winner last year, as well, and went on
to win Quantel's overall artist of the year award.