Primetime Ratings: The CW Gets Boost From Top Model

American Idol, Lost still dominate on the night

Fox programmed one hour of its dominant American Idol Wednesday night and the show did well enough to give the network first place, though its hourly numbers were noticeably lower than last week in the same time slot. The CW also had a big night with the season premiere of America's Next Top Model propelling them out of fifth place.

Wednesday's Idol earned a 7.7/21 rating from 8-9 p.m., easily the top show of the night. However, it was off the mark from last week's 8.5/23, which was the first of a two hour block of Idol. In the 8:30 half-hour last night, Idol rose to an 8.5/23 which was down from 9.1/24 in last week's 8:30 slot. Still, on the hour Idol was dominant with 22.5 million viewers, more than four times as many as second-place NBC. 
In the rest of the 8 p.m. hour last night, NBC finished second with Knight Rider pulling a 1.8/5. A re-run of Lost that introduced a new episode at 9 drew a third place 1.6/5 for ABC. CBS was fourth at 1.5/4 for New Adventures of Old Christine (1.5/4) at 8 and Gary Unmarried (1.6/4) at 8:30 (both show were re-runs). The CW jumped into a tie for fourth place with a 1.5/4 with America's Next Top Model.

At 9 ABC took the lead with a 4.8/12 for a new episode of Lost. The show lead in total viewers with 10.6 million. Fox dropped to second with Lie To Me coming in at 3.6/9. A re-run of Criminal Minds on CBS delivered a 2.4/6. The CW finished fourth with a big ratings boost for the second hour of America's Next Top Model drawing a 2.0/5. NBC was last with a 1.3/3 for a re-run of Life.

CBS took over at 10 p.m. with a first-place 2.7/8 for a re-run of CSI: NY. Life On Mars on ABC was second at 2.1/6, and NBC finished third with a 1.6/4 with a re-run of Law & Order.

On the night Fox finished with a first-place 5.7/15 and 16.3 million total viewers. ABC was second at 2.9/8 with CBS third at 2.2/6. The CW pulled out of fifth place with a 1.8/5 thanks to Top Model. NBC fell to fifth at 1.5/4.