Powerlines Add Video


After three years of work, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance has released a specifications for a new technology designed to use power lines to create video and data networking for the home.

The technology enables high-definition and standard-definition TV signals to be sent around a house via power lines, giving viewers the ability to share content from a PC or DVR set-top box by simply plugging adapters into regular outlets. Audio, voice over Internet Protocol and other data can be sent as well.

“This is a breakthrough technology eagerly anticipated by the consumer marketplace,” says Pete Griffin, chairman of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance (and Radio Shack's director of corporate technology). “This will change the face of the digitally connected home.”

The new version builds on HomePlug 1.0, an existing technology that allows data and audio to be shared around the home. With the help of a new advanced physical layer, the new version enables video to be shared.