Powell names Rogovin general counsel


In a reorganization, Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael
Powell named John Rogovin general counsel.

Rogovin, who worked at Powell's former law firm, replaces Jane Mago, who will
run the newly created Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis.

Mago's office will consume the existing Office of Plans and Policy, headed by
Robert Pepper. He becomes chief of policy development.

Powell said the new office was needed to better coordinate policy planning
across the commission's bureaus and offices.

Rogovin joined the FCC in 2001 as deputy general counsel from law firm
O'Melveny & Meyers LLP, where Powell was an associate after law school. Both
men also served at different times in the Clinton Justice Department, where
Rogovin was deputy assistant attorney general from 1993 through 1996.

Mago is a 24-year veteran of the commission, and he was a mass-media advisor
to Powell when he was a commissioner.

Pepper has headed the Office of Plans and Policy since December 1989. He
joined the commission in 1986 as an advisor to then-commissioner Patricia Diaz