Powell Launches Blog


Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell has launched a Weblog, or “blog,”  to discuss a host of  issues, including the switch to digital TV.

In his first posting, Powell said he wants to use the online medium “to hear from the tech community directly and to try to get beyond the traditional inside-the-Beltway Washington world where lobbyists filter the techies.” He added that he’s specifically seeking input on the transition to digital television and spectrum issues.

A blog might be a more tech-friendly forum, the chairman said. “I am looking forward to an open, transparent and meritocracy-based communication-attributes that bloggers are famous for!”

At press time, the Powell blog had received a couple dozen posts. The first one: "As much as I get my news online and as much as I love the open discussions on blogs, I have to say that the Internet is still a limited resource and should not be used to justify loosening media ownership rules. Allowing consolidation will suck the oxygen out of our democracy."

No word yet from the FCC on how often Powell will post updates. The chairman’s blog can be read at: http://www.alwayson-network.com/