Powell: DTV delays expected

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Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell said it will come
as no surprise to him Wednesday when nearly 900 commercial television
stations miss the deadline to convert to digital television.

He said the commission is looking at broadcasters' waivers on a "case-by-case

"I suspect some will get granted, some will be told no and might lead to
enforcement actions, and there will be other solutions for others. But we're
being pretty aggressive. Even when we're considering waivers, we're putting them
on really short leashes," Powell said.

He also said he was encouraged that most stations should be able to make the
switch within the year.

Powell said the commission is considering delaying auctions of channels 52
through 59 and 60 through 69 because parties that want the delay have filed for
consideration, but "my personal views haven't changed a whole lot."