Powell Buoyant Over Broadband Rollout

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Some policymakers and legislators worry that the United States is falling behind other industrialized nations' adoption of high-speed Internet, but Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell said the U.S. is doing great. "I believe broadband development is moving at an extraordinary rate," he told reporters Wednesday.

"Adoption is faster than any other technological development in history," he said.

Thanks to the diverse types of high-speed platforms such as cable, satellite, telephone, Wi-Fi and power lines, 2005 and 2006 will be "seminal" years in the progress of broadband in the U.S. Consumers in countries like South Korea have signed up for broadband service in greater proportion to their countries' population.
But Powell says comparisons with the U.S. aren't fair. South Korea's population, for example, lives overwhelmingly in two major cities, which allows the country to serve and sign up customers much more quickly than the U.S., where many more people live in rural areas or smaller cities.