Pols watch b-ball in HD


Members of Congress have had a good chance to get familiar with high-definition television after
Harris Corp. and Zenith Electronics Corp. installed sets and antennas in the
Democratic and Republican clubs on Capitol Hill earlier this month so that members
could watch the NCAA Men's College Basketball Championships in HD.

On April 1, members will be invited to watch the title game at the Capitol
Hill Club and the National Democratic Club. The gathering is sponsored by
Harris, Zenith, CBS Sports, the Advanced Television Systems Committee Forum, the Consumer Electronics Association
and the National Association of Broadcasters.

CBS' HD production of the tournament is being broadcast locally by
Gannett Co. Inc.-owned CBS affiliate WUSA (TV) using a Harris-built digital-TV

Members will be able to watch the games on Zenith 56-, 61- and 64-inch
wide-screen rear-projection televisions. At the Republican Capitol Club, the game
will be broadcast on Zenith's 60-inch plasma HDTV monitor, which is only 3.9
inches deep.