Poll: Reality shows losing steam


According to a poll, sheep entrails and cockroaches may be starting to leave
a bad taste in some viewers' mouths.

Asked if they were tiring of the reality genre, 67 percent of respondents
said yes.

Even 63 percent of the younger viewers to whom much of this is targeted (in
this instance, 18- through 29-year-olds) said they, too, were growing weary of

The poll of 1,000 adults was conducted between Feb. 28 and March 4 by market-research firm The Marketing Workshop Inc. for syndicated columnist Matt Towery,
chairman of InsiderAdvantage, an Internet-based government-affairs firm.

In a release, Towery said the results do not necessarily spell immediate
gloom and doom for the new crop of reality shows.

"A trend will develop in public opinion long before it translates into
action, or inaction in the case of watching reality TV shows," he said. "It will
probably be several months before the public really starts to rebel against the
reality concept."