Poll Finds Support For NBC Call On Shooter Video


According to the Pew Research Center's News Interest Index, 49% of those polled said they approved of NBC airing the contents of the Virginia Tech shooter's package on air. 41% disapproved, and 10% had no opinion.

The weekly poll surveys 1,000 adults 18 plus.
The press in general got high marks for their coverage of the massacre with 23 % of respondents saying the media did an excellent job. 43% said the media did a good job, and 50% said the story was overcovered.
The Pew Index also compared the public's interest in school shootings in general and found the Tech story ranked number five in interest with 45% of viewers very interested in the story.  Columbine was no.1 with 68%;  followed by the Jonesboro shooting at 49%; Springfield, Ore. shootings at 46%; and the Amish school house shooting at 46%.