Poll: Bush hurt by backing Univision deal


Opponents of the pending Univision Communications Inc./Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. merger are
publicizing results of a new poll showing that President Bush’s apparent support
for the deal is one factor fueling Latino voters’ growing disenchantment with
his administration.

Federal Communications Commission approval of the deal is expected this week
or next.

The implication is that Bush's support for the merger will hurt him among a key
block of voters in next year’s presidential elections.

In a poll to be released Thursday, Florida Hispanic-American voters are
expressing "deep concern and disapproval" of the Bush administration’s treatment
of Latino citizens.

The poll was conducted by Latino Opinions and publicized by the public-relations firm that works for merger opponent Spanish Broadcasting System Inc.

A majority of Latino voters polled said the Univision/HBC union would hurt
competition in the markets for Spanish-language media by placing too much of the
business into one company’s hands.

Univision is largest Hispanic-TV operation and HBC the largest radio group.

The poll also found respondents unhappy about the White House's return of
refugees from Cuba and failure to honor campaign promises on Hispanic