Polaroid Joins 4K TV Space

Company’s initial Ultra High-Def TVs start at $499 and hit retail this summer

They may be a little late to the 4K TV party, but Polaroid will be making some noise this summer when it offers its first line of Ultra High-Def (UHD) TVs: the company’s smallest entry, 43 inches, will hit retail for $500, and its largest size, 65 inches, will be available for $1,000.

The LED, internet-connected TVs will feature Google Cast, allowing owners to stream content in 4K, with a large selection of movies, music and other entertainment apps, Polaroid announced.

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“We’re excited to announce we are working closely with Google to bring our first 4K UHD connected TV line to market later this summer,” said Scott W. Hardy, Polaroid president and CEO. “By teaming up with a company such as Google, we are able to offer consumers the latest in TV technology so they can easily share and enjoy their favorite content, and more importantly, deliver tremendous value to those looking to upgrade to a higher-resolution.”

Google Cast allows users to stream content to connected products via smartphones, tablets and laptops, and currently covers more than 1,000 apps, 200,000-plus TV shows and movies, and more than 30 million songs. 

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The 4K UHD TVs will feature 120hz refresh rates, handle more than 8 million pixels and HDMI 2.0 inputs.

Polaroid plans on releasing a larger, 75-inch model, with a retail price of $1,900, by the end of the year.