Please don't squeeze the Sheen, man


Informed sources told Broadcasting & Cable Meredith Corp. --
currently in talks with NBC to resolve alleged "Time Machine" compression of
network programming at WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tenn. -- has a history of squeezing the
merchandise at other network affiliates, but was stopped.

Meredith has not conceded publicly to the practice, although informed sources
said it has admitted doing so to the networks.

Sources did not specify the stations involved.

Meredith has four Fox affiliates, five UPN and five CBS. WSMV is its only
NBC station.

Meredith had no comment.

NBC is currently looking at about one month's worth of WSMV tapes after it said
it found an extra commercial squeezed in during an airing of The West
, taped by a Nashville City Paper reporter.

WSMV-TV sales manager Mike Murphy left the station last week, but both
Murphy and the station said the decision was Murphy's and had nothing to do with