Platinum loses some shine


As UPN's Platinum suffered declining ratings in its second outing, the
network also learned that a special-interest group is threatening to boycott the

On Wednesday, Project Islamic Hope demanded a meeting with the show's

"Why would an advertiser want to be associated with youth violence, drug use,
thug life and misogyny? This show will be boycotted if our demands aren't met,"
said Najee Ali, the group's national director, in a prepared statement.

The release is not specific as to the group's demands, but it talks at length
about portraying the world of hip-hop in a negative light.

"The hip-hop nation should demand that this show not only uses its power to
entertain, but to make a positive difference in the way hip-hop is viewed in
society," Ali said.

UPN replied, "The producers set out to make a realistic show in
Platinum. Some of the executive producers, writers, directors and even
stars come from the hip-hop world and know first-hand about this industry. It is
their experience that they are retelling in Platinum."

Meanwhile, the show's second outing dropped off significantly in the ratings,
with 2.3 million viewers tuning in as opposed to the 3.6 million who watched the
premiere Monday night.

Faced with a tough time period -- Tuesday at 9 p.m. against Fox's 24,
NBC's Frasier and The WB Television Network's Smallville -- the show saw a 28 percent
drop-off from an original episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Still, in adults 18 through 34, the show averaged a 1.5/4, a 36 percent
improvement for the time period.

It was also the network's third-best performance among 18-34-year-olds this season, and the best performance since December.